The 2022 Eurovent Summit will be held in Antalya on October 25–28

Together with the European EUROVENT Association, ISKID (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturer’s Association) will host this year's Eurovent Summit, the largest HVAC&R industry gathering in Europe, which takes place every two years.


The Eurovent Summit's main theme is "Building Bridges". It aims to establish bridges between Europe and its surrounding regions with more sustainable, community-friendly, environmentally sound industrial goods and systems for manufacturers, consultants, planners, installers, trade unions, and bureaucrats.


By bringing together more than 500 significant industry professionals from Europe and beyond, the Eurovent Summit hopes to encourage new relations. Current industry developments will be covered in sessions and panels for experts working in the areas of " Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)", "Process Cooling" and "Cold Chain Technologies for Food" throughout the four-day summit's more than 50 meetings.


Meetings on the Turkish Air Conditioning Industry will take place during the day, and activities will be conducted at Antalya's historical sites in the evening. Meanwhile, another goal is to introduce Turkey's cultural diversity.


Participants at the Eurovent Summit Antalya will be able to join free "Product Group" meetings, where product-based advancements in the HVAC&R industry are discussed, opinions on EU legislation are formed, and emerging trends in the industry are explored. Industry professionals at the summit will learn about the most recent advancements in the air conditioning industry in Europe and worldwide.