The air conditioning and refrigeration industry, which has emerged in the 1950s in Türkiye, developed very quickly. İSKİD was established in 1992 as a non-profit organization (NPO) with the contributions of prominent companies in the sector. Its mission is to work towards achieving sustainable and regulated development of the HVAC&R industry in compliance with global standards.


Over 100 member companies are gathering under ISKID's roof to conduct activities for the development of the industry and to produce with high-quality standards.

The objective of ISKID:

To ensure cooperation between the members that are manufacturers and/or importers of climatization, refrigeration and air conditioning devices in Türkiye and work on finding solutions for their problems,

To protect the rights of air conditioning consumers and companies on a national and international level;

To conduct activities that will ensure companies are sensitive to the environment while providing for the country’s heating and cooling air conditioner needs and contribute to the country economy. 

To realize strategic plans for the development of the Air Conditioning Industry and the actions that will carry out these strategies in cooperation with the sector and the other stakeholders.


To raise the Air Conditioning Sector to a reputable and leading position both in our country and abroad through its work increasing public life quality, to be sensitive to the environment, innovative, reliable and competitive.



  • To develop the sector’s research-development infrastructure and university-industry cooperation,
  • To encourage the training of a qualified workforce for the sector,
  • To encourage the use of renewable energy resources, high yield products, innovative technologies and applications,
  • To increase activity in the national and international media,
  • To track and update regulations and standards, create specifications when needed, make our market monitoring more effective and prevent unfair competition to maintain a more trustworthy sector image,
  • To reinforce Industry-Government relations,
  • To introduce the good quality Turkish product image to the international market and increase our good reputation;
  • To increase cooperation with international organizations,

are among the points of focus that we have embraced.

The contributions of İSKİD to the sector:

Sector Representation:

  • İSKİD has succeeded in gathering a major portion of the climatization, refrigeration and air conditioning sector under a single umbrella.
  • Since 1994, the association has been preparing annual statistics on the air conditioning and refrigeration sector products, import-export-sales and export market to reveal the tangible size of the sector, thereby providing an important resource to be used in the setting of strategic goals.
  • The association has cooperated with other nongovernmental organizations to make air conditioning speciality fairs as efficient as possible for consumers and companies and achieved successful results. The only fair that the four organizations and foundation support currently in this sector is the ISK-SODEX  fair held in Istanbul once every two years. While becoming members of the organizations that support the fair is beneficial to companies the fair itself has achieved a greatness and reputability on a worldwide scale thanks to this successful collaboration of nongovernmental organizations.
  • The association also provides and develops relations and joint work between other associations related to the sector. DOSİDER, ESSİAD, ISKAV, İSEDA, İZODER, MMO, MTMD, TTMD and SOSİAD are some of these. Also, the Construction Supplies Industrialists Association İMSAD and İSKİD, a member of the Machine Industry Sector Platform, move together in these sectors. The 2023 goals of the machine and construction sectors are to become important players in the world. The TORQUE quality brand work in the machine sector has been completed with the İSKİD member companies obtaining this certification.
  • The association takes and monitors precautions in the sector to prevent unfair competition, actions that violate ethics rules and conduct that could mislead consumers. The İSKİD Honor Board and ISKAV Ethical Values Committee conduct work on this subject and a system has been established in the structure of ISKAV concerning Sector Work Ethics Principles. Also, the Market Oversight and Audit Committee established in 2005 reviews petitions concerning acts of misleading consumers and/or unfair competition.
  • The İSKİD e-bulletins that are released monthly, the İSKİD website, İSKİD Twitter and Facebook pages are utilized to convey the views of İSKİD and news and information about its members to a wide audience. The information that İSKİD obtains is quickly conveyed to all members via a current e-mail list. Press meetings and press bulletins scheduled for the press are utilized to provide information about the sector.
  • Regulatory work concerning the sector has been conducted with official agencies like the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, The Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization, TSE and the Foreign Trade Undersecretary, and important benefits have been achieved. When necessary this type of work continues. CE and sub-regulations, ozone-depleting substances, unfair competition, new standards and changes, testing and measuring and import regulations are some examples of these subjects.
  • In the years that Türkiye began EU body of knowledge compliance, the association prepared a report titled 'The EU Air Conditioning Regulation’ and compared the existing regulations and applications in the EU and Turkey on the subject of air conditioning. The report was presented to inform Government Agencies and the Sector.
  • Currently, in order to increase more widespread use of air conditioning, which has become a vital necessity, and public awareness on the subject meetings, tours, press bulletins, brochures and similar activities are being organized. Also, a booklet was created for health personnel about how hygienic air conditioning units in hospitals should be and their maintenance, and the book was published and distributed in 2009.

International Relations:

  • An important step towards integrating with the European Union in the air conditioning sector has been taken by becoming a member of the International  EUROVENT (European Cooling and Ventilation Devices Producers) Association. The relations established with this association and the meetings in Europe have enabled Turkish Representatives to follow the sector developments closely. The EUROVENT 2000 and 2009 General Assemblies, and the ICARMA year 2000 meeting being held in Turkey provided the opportunity to introduce Türkiye and the Turkish air conditioning sector.
  • Eurovent is the most effective organization in the preparation of standards, laws, regulations, etc. documents concerning the sector in the European Union. This valuable work has led to İSKİD Board Member Mr.Naci Şahin being elected to the Eurovent Board of Directors. İSKİD Members are eligible to participate in 15 working groups that are active in these sectors. Even if they do not participate in the groups, the members that wish to do so can hear about the activities of the group that interests them firsthand. Examples of these groups are Fan-Coil, AHU, Chiller, air conditioning, fan and cooling tower groups. These groups are organs that have the most influence on AB Norms and regulations being issued on the subjects. The groups also determine the procedures for Eurovent Certification Company certifications. Joint activities are being conducted in cooperation with the Eurovent certification company to introduce the certification process.
    İSKİD’s membership in IIR – International Institute of Refrigeration started in 2009 and due to the membership being required to be under state supervision, was transferred over to TÜBİTAK in 2011.
  • The association provides members with information and connections, who wish to obtain the Eurovent Certification which is vital for export. Currently, Türkiye is in the fourth place with Eurovent certified companies, regarding the products it is competitive.  
  • Among the foreign associations that İSKİD has relations with are VDMA and VDKF (Germany), AHRI (ABD), FETA (England), KRAIA (Korea), CAR and CRAA (PRC), AIACRA (India), ISHRAI (Iran) and Pakistan HVACR Society. The association equally has relations with other Eurovent member organizations. The International Relations Commission is work towards increasing and regulating these relations.

Foreign Trade:

  • Established at the beginning of 2003, the İSKİD 'Foreign Sales Committee – FSC, works towards helping direct member companies and the existing quality and capacity towards export. The Committee researches the market of target countries determined by surveys and their import procedures; raises our image by introducing products of Turkey and the Turkish refrigeration – air conditioning products through press and fairs; and conducts activities to enable sector companies in international fairs, under national participation if possible. In this scope, the committee has conducted foreign market research and announced the results of this research to members. ISKID has participated in various fairs in Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Spain,  India, China and other countries. Also, the commission has organized seminars titled ‘Foreign Trade Incentives’. The committee promotes the Turkish air-conditioning sector through advertisements in foreign journals. Since March of 2009, İSKİD has been publishing the ISKID MAGAZINE in English, Spanish and Russian. The journal is distributed to foreign trade attaches, fairs, press associations in other countries and associations. In domestic and international fairs, İSKİD represents the Turkish air-conditioning sector and İSKİD members. Brochures have been prepared and distributed for member companies to make this work even more effective. After fairs surveys have been conducted to determine the success and benefits to the sector of the fair and the results have been shared with members.


  • The Association has cooperated with Yıldız Technical University, KOSGEB and the ISISO Construction Cooperative to establish the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Research and Education Foundation to develop the cooling-air conditioning sector in Türkiye, to increase university-industry cooperation, to fill the deficiency in qualified workforce for the sector, to achieve conformity with the European Union and to open a testing laboratory needed by the sector. ISKAV provides services to the sector on the subjects of training, function/test/control and certification.
  • İSKİD announced 2006 to be a year of R&D. The association is encouraging sector companies to reserve 3-5% of their revenue for R&D. İSKİD is working in cooperation with the University-Industry Cooperation and Scholarship Commission on this. The Commission has signed protocols with five universities to enable master’s theses to be implemented in companies for R&D. Also, scholarships are provided to branch students related to the sector. Technical tours are organized for teaching staff and students and technical supplies are provided to schools. The R&D Book has been published to support R&D workshops and R&D activities.

Social Responsibility Activities:

  • Fusion within the sector is achieved with social responsibility projects.
  • Memorial Forest tree planting activities have been conducted in the scope of social responsibility projects.
  • The association prepared publications and organized conferences on public health and the hygienic ventilation of hospitals and started working on a commission dedicated to this cause by pioneering the sector.