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Chairman's Message

İSKİD 13. th Term Chairman of the Board

Distinguished Colleagues,

When we consider that the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sector became a technological sector within the past 50 years, the importance of İSKİD being in this sector for 25 years is obvious. Today İSKİD represents up to 90 percent of the sector with 100 members from the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.


Technical development of the sector, relations with the government and public agencies, development of foreign trade, international activities and cooperation with universities have been conducted for a number of years through committee work. Being aware that success starts with the design stage, is revealed through technological production and reinforced with good sales and after sales organization, İSKİD engages in educating participant companies and international fair organizations through URGE (International Competition Development) projects that cover the entire sector with the support of the Ministry of Economics.


In the term ahead of us, we will continue our work with the basic principle of respecting the environment and mankind. In this context, we will strive for the widespread use of technologies that are at the highest level of efficiency and the lowest possible impact on the environment in our sector.


We will cooperate with other sectors to conduct joint projects. In order to promote the sector abroad and reinforce the existing relations, we will be cooperating with a number of sector associations in different locations. By participating in international fairs that we feel are beneficial, we will share information about different markets throughout the world with our members.


People, families, communities and governments may have difficult times. What is important in difficult times is to take care of yourselves and act with solidarity. İSKİD is vital for the solidarity of the sector with its 25 year history and a strong organizational structure. We will continue to work with awareness for this value and succeed in becoming sustainable.


In the new term, new duties will be undertaken by our devoted committee members and our association employees, who have always shown the utmost effort in their work.


May the new term be beneficial to all and bring success in all our endeavours.


İSKİD 13. th Term Chairman of the Board