Chairman's Message

İSKİD Term Chairman of the Board

Distinguished Colleagues,


The foundations of our HVACR sector were laid in the 1950s, boasting a history of over 70 years, which cannot be underestimated. Initially reliant on imports, our sector has gradually taken steps towards production and industrialization. With the increasing adoption of various climate control technologies in different applications, the number of companies has grown, leading to the establishment of ISKID in 1992 to follow the strategic development of the sector under the vision of our esteemed founders. Today, with over 120 members and a representation power exceeding 90%, our association has been successfully serving our sector for approximately 30 years. This strength belongs to all our members.


Through the active participation of our member companies and esteemed representatives, our commissions undertake activities contributing to the technical development of the sector, maintaining relations with the public and universities, fostering collaborations, and contributing to the development of international activities and foreign trade.


As emphasized in our HVACR Sector Strategy Document, we attach great importance to the message of "Being Institutional, Conducting R&D, and Exporting," and we want to emphasize that this motto will be the focus of our new period's efforts. We even believe that the concept of "Institutionalization" lies at the foundation of all other successful endeavors. In this context, we will support and encourage the increase in the number of companies accessing economies of scale, the establishment of corporate decision-making mechanisms in our firms, and the creation and strengthening of lean structures that work systematically, formulate strategies, make rapid and effective decisions, learn, and grow.


During our management process, "Green Economy" initiatives, which cannot be ignored for the environment, the sector, and society, will be another important focus. At this stage, it is necessary to align with the realities of life and build the future correctly. Especially, this understanding should be strongly conveyed to the entire construction ecosystem, from investors to contractors, tenants to public representatives; energy-efficient climate control systems should be encouraged in our sector; and a shift towards environmentally friendly solutions such as natural ventilation should be ensured. In this context, we will be followers and supporters of efforts to reduce energy consumption.


In terms of sustainability, we will support and encourage young representatives in our sector. In the 16th Term Board of Directors, we tried to rejuvenate our average age as much as possible. We believe that by striking a magical balance between experience and dynamism, we will carry out successful endeavors.


As usual, our communication and coordination with sectoral associations will continue. Based on the principle that strength comes from unity, we will continue our efforts towards our common goals.


We hereby announce to the esteemed sector representatives that during the term of office covering the years 2023-2026, we will strengthen the respected position our sector deserves, and we will respect the legacy of ISKID Founders and Former Presidents. We have full confidence in the dedication of our commission members and association employees; we will succeed together.


Wishing us all the best, I extend my regards.




President of the 16th Term Board of Directors of ISKID