ISKID "Indoor Air Quality" awareness project

For a while now, ISKID has been engaged in a comprehensive project to increase awareness of the importance of "indoor air quality" for health and performance. It has created in this regard, which primarily provides relevant information on indoor air quality. The website contains information about indoor air quality, methods to test and improve indoor air quality, articles about air conditioning use during the pandemic, and answers to frequently asked questions. Again, within the framework of the project, it compiled the "Indoor Air Quality in Schools" brochure, which covers the essential ventilation and indoor air quality principles for school administration, teachers, and students, and distributed it at some schools as well as at events and fairs. ISKID plans a series of presentations for the upcoming period to increase awareness of "indoor air quality" for teachers, students, and parents at schools.


ISKID frequently hosted webinars on "indoor air quality" on Zoom to take advantage of the digital world, which has become increasingly widespread in our lives throughout the pandemic. The goal of these webinars was to reach a wider audience. ISKID contacted influencers with higher social media followings who are fit for the project goal to spread the webinar events to a larger audience. Influencers posted and shared on their own accounts to promote these webinars to a wider audience.


Press releases with insights were sent to the national and trade press as part of the project's media relations. ISKID sponsored "Dünya İçin Bir Şey Yap" (Do Something for the World), which aired as eight episodes on the national broadcasting company Bloomberg HT channel. With the support of ISKID member companies, "Dünya İçin Bir Şey Yap" which airs on Bloomberg HT every Saturday at 14:30, informs the public and increases awareness about "indoor air quality and its importance" and "the impacts of indoor air quality on our health" accompanied by expert guests. You can view the program's contents on the ISKID YouTube channel.


ISKID keeps in touch with the associations to spread the word about the project abroad. For further information on the ISKID Indoor Air Quality Project and its procedures: