Turkish Refrigeration Industry Maintains Rapid Growth

Air conditioning and refrigeration are vital technologies widely used in all aspects of life. We have seen how essential the cooling chain is in such issues  as medicines, vaccines, and their storage worldwide. Once again, it cannot be denied that air conditioning and refrigeration systems are crucial in the food industry, which is essential for human existence and preserving foods in a suitable environment. Refrigeration systems are used throughout the whole process, from food production through transportation and sale, to fulfill basic demands.


ISKID actively keeps up its webinars and training initiatives that instruct and teach the industry on using environmentally friendly refrigerants instead of F gases, decreasing the effects of global warming, and reducing energy consumption by improving the energy efficiency of equipment through commission studies that apply the idea of "sustainable cooling".


ISKID Chairman of the Board Ayk Serdar Didonyan stated that cooling systems and elements are the third biggest sub-sector of the HVAC&R  industry with an export of around 842 million dollars in 2021, citing statistics from the Turkish Cooling Industry. In the first five months of 2022 (January-May), our export figures for Cooling Systems and Components totaled to about 315 Million Dollars, representing a 28% increase."