The Turkish Air-Conditioning Industry's quality production and affordable labour costs attract investors

Ayk Serdar Didonyan, ISKID Chairperson, said, "The Turkish Air-Conditioning Industry attracts many foreign investors with its high capacity, quality production volume, and budget-friendly labour cost. The efforts of air-conditioning manufacturers to develop new products and the increasing number of R&D centres with new investments reduce the industry's import demand."


Turkey's strategic geographical position and flexible production capability offer significant advantages to investors


Having a dynamic and young population, unique geographic position providing access to a market of 1.2 billion people only via a 3-hour flight distance, high-quality production, wide product range, open market integrated with the world, and investment incentives offered by the government allow Turkey to deliver attractive opportunities to foreign investors. Turkish engineers achieved significant developments during the pandemic, gaining manufacturing capabilities compared to regional dynamics. Based on country's dynamics, they managed to conduct custom production in particular markets. In some specific markets, they can now organize SKD (Semi-Knocked Down) and/or CKD (Completely Knocked Down) productions within the country. Such a flexible production capability affects our country's exportability and competitive structure in a very positive way.


Highlighting that the primary air-conditioning markets are EU countries such as Germany, the UK, Italy, France, and Romania, Ayk Serdar Didonyan, ISKID Chairperson, stated, "Turkey is trying to raise its industry-specific share in the world trade to 1.5%. Parallel to this growth target, the Air-Conditioning Industry and its sub-industries of Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration with increasing capacity utilization rate are waiting for their new investors. We believe 'It's a right time to Invest in the Air-Conditioning Industry'."