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PGD - Market Inspection and Unfair Trade Committe

The Market Inspection and Unfair Competition Committee was established within İSKİD on 17.2.2005. On 12.11.2009 the name was changed to Market Inspection and Unfair Trade Committee (PGD).


to bring our sector to a reliable, competitive and innovative point in the national and international markets, to contribute to the development of competition conditions in full accordance with international rules in the country and abroad and to ensure conditions in which there is no unfair competition, consumer rights are protected and production and commerce respectful of laws is practiced.

Comitte Activities:

To prevent unfair competition conditions in our sector,
To prevent unfair international competition conditions,
To defend country, sector and consumer interests with the “Market surveillance” task assigned to nongovernmental organizations by EU compliance laws without compromise,
To end any unfair competition conditions that occur in our sector by legal means as quickly as possible, to identify any applications violating the competition and consumer protection laws in force and intervene as necessary,
To inform members about the issues mentioned above,
To convey the views of the sector to officials,
To contribute to the preparations of Laws, decrees and similar work,
To work on all platforms to resolve any unfair competition conditions that have occurred.

Our Aim:

to achieve market conditions where there is no unfair competition and production and commerce is conducted in accordance with laws. Supporting the ISKID PGD committee to contribute to Turkish industry is important in terms of helping the Turkish air conditioning and refrigeration industry be present in the World. Our committee will gain strength for its efforts and provide more effective services with the support of the industry, consumers and our citizens. Our committee is at the service of our industrialists in particular and all our citizens to contribute to the Turkish industry. Our committee is open to the support and application of all industrialists and citizens. Turkey, a country that has established a tradition of production and sales in accordance with standards, will benefit greatly from this work and become even stronger.

Representative(s) of The Market Inspection and Unfair Trade Committee:  SARP ÜNSAL

PGD - Market Inspection and Unfair Trade Committee Members

Levent Aydın


Andaç Yakut
Vice President


Alişan Ercan

Ercan Teknik

Cem Savcı


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