ISKID's webinar on "Ventilation Systems in Schools and Pandemic"

Organized within the scope of ISKID Central Air Conditioning Systems activities, the webinar "Air Conditioning Systems in Schools" was held with broad participation.

Starting at 15:00 on Friday, November 13, under the moderation of Kerim Gümrükçüler, ISKID Central Air Conditioning Commission Member, the webinar "Ventilation Systems in Schools and Pandemic" begun with Ozan Atasoy’s ( the Chairman of the Executive Board of ISKID) speech on "The Importance of the Organized Work During the Pandemic Period". In the webinar  informative presentations on "Pandemic Measures in Central Air Conditioning Systems" were shared with the participants by Süleyman Kavas, The Central Air Conditioning Commission President. Filiz Pehlivan, Mechanical Engineer and Co-Founder of FNP Engineering and Consultancy, shared a presentation on "Airborne Transmission in Closed Spaces and the Importance of Ventilation Systems in Schools". Prof. Dr. Pınar Okyay from the Department of Public Health of Aydın Adnan Menderes University Medical Faculty, delivered a presentation on "Schools During the Pandemic Period From a Doctor's Perspective" and Dilek Livaneli, a Teacher at UNESCO International School of London, - on "School Practices in Turkey and the World", respectively.

webinar video link: