ISKID was awarded as part of the "Investment in the Future Awards-NGOs 2021

ISKID ranked second under the category of "Work" in "Investment in the Future Awards-NGOs 2021" with its "University-Industry Collaboration."


The final meeting of the "NGOs for Sustainable Development" project, which was conducted in collaboration with Turkiye IMSAD (Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers) and ÇEDBİK (Turkish Green Building Council), with coordination and assistance from the Directorate for EU Affairs, was held on the evening of Tuesday, June 28, at Dedeman Hotel Gayrettepe. At night, NGOs engaged in sustainable activities in the categories of EVENT, WORK, and PROJECT received awards as part of the "Geleceğe Yatırım Ödülleri-Sivil Toplum 2021" ("Investment in the Future Awards-NGOs 2021"). ISKID was awarded second place in the "WORK" for its activities carried out in the context of University-Industry Collaboration. Ozan ATASOY, the ISKID and Turkey IMSAD Board Member, presented the award to ISKID Chairman of the Board Ayk Serdar DIDONYAN.


Speaking about the award, ISKID Chairman of the Board Ayk Serdar DIDONYAN expressed his gratitude, saying, "We are delighted to get such a noteworthy award with our University-Industry Collaboration projects this year in which we mark the 30th Anniversary of our association. This shows that we are on the right track. I want to express my gratitude to the academicians, association professionals, and members of our ISKID commission who contributed to our effort. I'd also like to thank Turkey IMSAD, CEDBIK, and the Directorate for EU Affairs for hosting such a lovely evening.


It conducts activities within the scope of ISKID University-Industry Collaboration to promote applied and qualified education so that engineering students have a clear grasp of the Air Conditioning and Ventilation industry and reach well-trained professionals. Regular monthly meetings are held with the academic staff of the Engineering Faculties to develop current projects based on student needs and expectations. Industry representatives attend classes as guests and share up-to-date information about the air conditioning industry. Scholarships are awarded to engineering students in need. Student groups get the opportunity to tour the factories and R&D facilities of ISKID member companies and observe manufacturing firsthand. Internship opportunities are also given by exchanging the details of students interested in doing internships with the member companies. Student committees were developed to closely monitor school student concerns and changes to assist students needing technical studies. Technical and practical webinars are provided for students. Plus, ISKID follows university career days and gives information about the industry. Again, as part of this, the book "İklimlendirme Sektöründen Genç Mühendislere "Mesajınız Var" (For Young Engineers of the Air Conditioning Industry: You Have a Message), in which industry leaders and experts of the air conditioning industry for many years recounted their professional experiences, was presented and distributed in schools.