ISKID 14th Term Chairman of the Board Ozan Atasoy shared the assocation’s new term visions in a press conference which was held on February 15.

ISKID (Air conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association) 14th Term Chairman of the Board Ozan Atasoy hosted a press conference where the association's new term visions were shared on February 15.

Atasoy stated that the association will lead their practices oriented to the sector’s sense of quality by following new technological developments. Mentioning with over 100 member corporations ISKID has significant authority in the sector covers up to 90%, Atasoy discussed the recent past, present and the future of the HVAC-R sector.


We will continue our practices considering the needs of our sector

“As the 14th Term Board, we will continue to work together with our members and other sector associations in the determination of the needs of our sector and our members. We will conclude many activities which have been carried out existing in this period and share them with our sector. We will complete our 2nd URGE (Promotion of International Competitiveness) project which has progressed very successfully so far and we will make application for our 3rd URGE project.

We will complete the project which is carried out by our Hygiene in Health Buildings Committee and broach it to our members. 

Under the leadership of ISKID, we did our BIM Workshop together with TTMD (Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers) and MTMD (Association of Mechanical Contractors), and we will share our final declaration soon. Later on, we will support the establishment of the BIM Center to be established within ISKAV.”

Importance of exports n HVAC-R

Sharing his 2019 prospects Atasay said “We are in a period which exports has significant impotance in Turkey. The HVAC-R sector makes an important contribution to both the sector and the national economy in terms of exports. Our exporters contribute to energy efficiency with products that meet the standards of European countries. My activities will continue intensively in order to increase exports”.

“For this purpose, we as ISKID are participating and holding meeting in four major trade fairs this year and represent Turkish HVAC-R industry. Climate World Moscow, ISH Frankfurt will be held in March, China Refrigeration in April and ISK SODEX in October. In ISH Frankfurt Fair, this year for the first time we will make a presentation about Turkish HVAC-R industry and organize a reception where we met our international connections. We will have the opportunity to present our sector with real data.”

Atasoy also touched on the preparation of the sector for Industry 4.0 and the digitalization processes and said “We will continue to work o this subject without slowing down that we have started in 2016. We will lead and follow the digitalization of our sector. The BIM Center, which is planned to be established under ISKAV, will accelerate the digitalization process. At this stage, we will ask for the support of our press.”

Ozan Atasoy stated that the indoor air quality in schools will gain importance in the upcoming period and said they have started to be implement their projects in pilot schools. He said contacting with the Directorate of National Educationwe the assocation will focus on indoor air quality in schools in the new period and also promised that the new studies will not only be in the field of education, but also to raise public awareness.

We will continue to develop the sector

ISKID has reached 107 member companies as for now. We have reached high level of representation in the HVAC-R sector. In this sense, our members and the sector have high expectations from our association. We are trying to meet these expectations with our 15 commission’s activities. Our point of reference is to present practises that interests of our sector and serves public benefit. In this context, our members, which are competing in the same subjects within the sector, work together in harmony for the public and sector benefit. I would like to thank our companies that have contributed since the foundation of our association. Thanks to them, our association has been successful and will continue to be.

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