ISKID welcomed its visitors at the ISK SODEX fair held in TÜYAP - İstanbul on September 29 - October 2, 2021. ISKID shared a booth with the Eurovent Association where they informed the visitors about the Turkish Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Industry and the association's activities by giving them them brochures and magazines.


The traditional İSKİD Global Industry Reception was held on the first day of the fair, September 29, at 18.00, at the TÜYAP Palas Hotel Ballroom. It became one of the fair's most crowded organizations where the industry participants got together. ISKID member firm representatives, industry organization and association representatives, foreign and local visitors, and the press attended the Reception.


The bilateral discussions between ISKID and EUROVENT were held on Wednesday, September 29. Among the attendees were Raul Corredera HAENER, EUROVENT's new Chairperson; Andrea GASPAROVA, Eurovent Public Relations Manager; Stijn RENNEBOOG, Strategic Relations Manager; Ayk Serdar DİDONYAN, ISKID Chairperson; International Promotion Commission Members Cem SAVCI, Herman HAÇADURYAN, and Tunç KORUN; Taner YÖNET, ISKID 13. Term Chairperson; Ozan ATASOY, Eurovent Board Member and ISKID 14. Term Chairperson; Melek Ünal TAVUKÇUOĞLU, ISKID Association President; and ISKID Professionals Gülşah KATKAT and Kaan KÖSEMEHMET. Everyone wished Raul Corredera HAENER success on his new position. It was emphasized that the partnership between the two associations would grow stronger.


Chosen as the new member of the Eurovent Executive Board, Ozan ATASOY also stated that the two associations would be working harder in the upcoming period. ATASOY is responsible for representing Turkey at Eurovent and Europe as the Eurovent Services Company (ESC), Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC), CoPILOT, and PRODBIM Board Member.


The details of the Eurovent Summit Antalya organization held on October 25-28, 2022, were also discussed. The associations exchanged ideas for the process to run smoothly as the organization held in Antalya will positively affect the Turkish Air Conditioning Industry.


After the meeting, Ayk Serdar DİDONYAN, ISKID Chairperson, presented Raul Corredera HAENER with a porcelain plate engraved with İstanbul's historical buildings.