Among the connoisseurs present Hüseyin Erdem was the guest at ISKID Industry Talks.

On Friday, June 24 at 10:00, Tunç KORUN, the 6th Term Chairman of ISKID's Board, moderated the second session of the ISKID Industry Talks series, which featured Hüseyin ERDEM, among the connoisseurs of the Turkish Air Conditioning and Installation Industry.


Hüseyin ERDEM, Chairman of the MTMD (The Mechanical Contractors' Association) Board, spoke about the Turkish Air Conditioning and Installation industry in the 1980s and 1990s, the first large-scale projects, Turkey's first mechanical company, TOKAR, which is known as the industry's school. In the second session of the "ISKID Industry Talks".he explained how he got started in business there. Later, he shared his knowledge and experience in the family-run business, carrying the same surname. He took the audience on a nostalgic journey.


The 15th Term Chairman of the Board, Ayk Serdar DIDONYAN, gave the opening remark to the second of the "ISKID Industry Talks" series, which was organized via Zoom to conserve the history and knowledge of the Turkish heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning industry for future generations. "As the 15th Term of Board of Directors, we seek to pass on the expertise and experience of our industry specialists, who are guests of the "ISKID Industry Talks" program series", Didonyan stated. He continued, "We believe that the ISKID Industry Talks will play a key role in forming and preserving the industry's memory."


In the program "ISKID Industry Talks," Hüseyin ERDEM answered Tunç KORUN's questions in a comfortable chat setting surrounded by coffee smell. He shared his unique experiences with the audience. He talked about large mechanical installation projects completed in Turkey in the 1980s and before, as well as in the 1990s, the Tokar company, known as the industry's school. He also spoke of the company's founder - Todori Karakaş, who had important contributions in the mechanical installation industry over the years.


Hüseyin ERDEM, Chairman of the Board of MTMD, stated that the importance of the Mechanical Installation Industry is not fully acknowledged in Turkey and that people working in different fields of expertise also occupy mechanical installation works in projects. Yet, according to him, this creates trouble since the mechanical installation requires expertise. Erdem continued with suggestions for the next generation, saying, "The Mechanical Installation industry needs highly skilled and specialized people. For a successful career, young people, in particular, must be patient. They can advance in the industry by adopting discipline and perseverance. While climbing the career ladder, they must have time for themselves and their social surroundings and fulfill their personal growth by partaking in hobbies.


The program concluded with ISKID Chairman of the Board Ayk Serdar DİDONYAN presenting appreciation to Hüseyin ERDEM, who continued to answer questions from the audience.


The "ISKID Industry Talks" is available on ISKID's YouTube channel.