Director's Message

Director's Message

Your Gateway to Turkish Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry

ISKID, starting its activities in 1992, continues its rapid development. The step taken with only 14 founder members, has reached to a point that more than 200 people from 82 companies are incorporated in the ISKID information network as of February 2011. 111 persons are registered in our Board and Committees totally. The number of our honorary members is 44. Cooperation and organization awareness is also high in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector where the level of education is relatively higher. Works and studies of many valuable people are combined and union makes strength.

System, traditions and the procedures in the Association have also been changed in the course of time, and it has become more and more institutionalized. This progress that I have followed since 1994 will permanently continue, for sure. Totally 4 employees of our Association and Commercial Enterprise in our office in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, put all of their efforts to duly serve ISKID, its contributors and the ideas and projects developed by them. 

Integration is an important goal of ISKID. For this, we constantly work to improve our foreign relations. ISKID, the greatest Turkish association about air-conditioning and refrigeration, is dedicated to be your gateway to Turkish Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry. 

I would like to thank current and former ISKID members, members of the Boards and Committees, organizations we are in cooperation with as ISKID and my colleagues Mrs Melek Unal Tavukcuoglu, Mrs. Ebru Karamuk and Mr. Sarp Ünsal once more from here. 


Yours respectfully,

Hüseyin M. YÜKSEL


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